I am a fun-loving and down to earth person who enjoys photography. Perhaps it is this love for visual detail that made me notice models on the pages of fashion and beauty magazines. Infatuation soon gave way to passion and the poise of the models influenced me so much that I made an important career decision in my life. However, I am also humble and I believe that I have much to learn moving forward in the industry.

While I am not focusing on modeling, I am focusing on growing my hobbies and passions into lucrative pastimes. I find a lot of fun in swimming, photography, rock climbing and so on. I am also a person who enjoys fun runs or a nice walk. Music, movies and shopping round up the list of my other, favorite pastimes. Perhaps these active hobbies have helped me to keep in shape. I also work out at home and at the gym and focus on my health very much.

On Modeling, I am approaching it depending on my moods. I could be casual and down to earth at one point and easily transition to someone who is free-spirited and original. On some occasions, I am bold and outstanding in clothes that make a statement, while on others I prefer to bring on my feminine self.